Why We Use Greenfiber Cellulose Insulation

What is Green Fiber Cellulose? Cellulose is 85% recycled paper with a 15% fire retardant added. It provides better thermal and sound performance than other insulation materials. It gets blown in wet so it gets into all the gaps creating an igloo effect.

  • Absorbs Sound. The density of Greenfiber cellulose — and the fact that it can fill every gap and void — helps reduce noise from outside. Cellulose is denser and has better resistance to airflow than fiberglass, therefore, it works more efficiently as insulation. Because of its density, cellulose provides superior noise suppression.
  • Energy Efficient. By using recycled materials from local sources, low-energy manufacturing, and short-haul transportation, Greenfiber provides an environmentally responsible choice.
  • 57% Better at Resisting Fire. Density and the fact that Greenfiber is treated with fire-retardant additives also provides fire protection for your home, giving you more critical seconds to escape.

Bottom line: Cellulose has improved in quality and sophistication over time, and it now provides exceptional resistance to fire, moisture, mold, and vermin. You’re safer with Greenfiber than without it or than with any other type of insulation.

Source: www.greenfiber.com

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