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The ultimate seller’s guide to pre-sale home renovations

It’s no secret that the housing market in Austin is booming. If you’re thinking about putting your house up for sale, it’s important to present your property in the best way possible. Given the competitive nature of the city’s real estate, buyers are often inclined to meet and even exceed the seller’s asking price… if the seller prepares properly. In the coming days, follow these home renovation guidelines to see the greatest possible return on your investment.


Focus on curb appeal

Unlike books, homes are very much judged by their covers. The most crucial renovation a potential seller can make often relates to the exterior of the home, specifically any part visible from the road. This “curb appeal” can be the deciding factor for whether a buyer will like a house before he or she even steps foot inside.

Freshly paint the trim in a modern color. Earth tones are currently in style, and bright colors are typically limited in appeal. Also, consider easy refreshers like replacing outdoor light fixtures and applying a new coat of paint to the front door.

However, you ultimately want to think of your house as a backdrop. Let your landscaping make the biggest impression. Make sure the yard is cleaned up and there are no overgrown branches hanging over the house.

Modern updates

You don’t want buyers to remember your house as the one with the outdated wood panel walls or stained shag carpet. Similarly, if you have a room with a paint color that turned out to be a slightly odd shade, now is a good time to paint over it.

Renovating a home doesn’t have to be expensive. You can give bathrooms an easy makeover by replacing faucets and fixtures or sprucing up cabinets with new hardware. Nowadays, a modern bathroom is one of the most desired amenities for buyers, so these simple upgrades should be toward the top of every seller’s to-do-list.

Home renovations that count

Not all home improvements will equate to the same return on investment. For example, you may think that undertaking a full kitchen remodel or adding a pool would attract more homebuyers, but this may not be the case. Some home renovations are very costly and would not recoup their expenses at the time of sale.

The most important thing a seller can do before making any pre-sale renovation is a cost vs. benefit analysis. Adding a porch or replacing windows are generally some of the most cost-effective strategies.

Sometimes the best renovation isn’t to add to the house, but to take away. Knocking down a wall to create an open floor plan can have dramatic benefits in the eyes of the buyer. However, this isn’t an option in all homes. Before taking such a bold step, you should consult a contractor to make sure walls aren’t load-bearing.

Renovating a house does not have to be a major or expensive undertaking. The goal of a home makeover prior to selling is to present your house in an updated, appealing condition that will attract buyers with great offers in hand. Follow these recommendations and come time to sell, the qualified buyers will be lining up at your newly painted front door. Once you close the deal, contact Clark Wilson Builder to find a new home of your own.

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