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Outdoor Living Tips: Love Your New Home in Star Ranch

Once you’ve moved into your new home, it’s time to turn your attention to your outdoor living spaces. Don’t think of your property as just a yard; look at it as an extension of the home. Your new home should be an oasis, inside and out, and with some thought, you can create garden rooms where you’ll want to spend plenty of time with your family and friends. Whether you are working with an existing yard, or you are planning the yard of one of the brand new homes for sale in the area, putting some thought into these outdoor living tips will pay off in the end.

Define the deck

Adding a deck is one of the first outdoor living tips for enjoying your home. A deck can be multilevel, or separated into different areas through the use of furniture or planters. However, you choose to do it, dividing a deck into distinct areas can make it a great place to hang out and enjoy a meal with your friends and family.

Pretty up the patio or courtyard

These spaces can be a boring slab of concrete, or they can be a beautiful extension of your new home. Try to design the patio or courtyard to blend with the home’s architecture, and decorate it with plants, statuary, and durable furniture.

Consider an outdoor kitchen

Take things a step beyond grilling and install an outdoor kitchen. A countertop for food preparation, along with conveniences like a refrigerator, storage space, and a sink, can make the backyard cooking area a great alternative to heating up the house.

Keep space private

If you want the exterior spaces of your new home to feel like an oasis, be sure to tuck them away from the outside world. Fences and hedges are one way to make a yard private, but consider more creative options as well, such as arbors or latticework with vines and trailing plants.

Create conversation areas

Furniture grouped around a fire pit makes a great place for heart-to-heart talks. Group outdoor furniture much the same way as you would indoor décor, grouped into areas that enable conversation and enhance flow.

Use structures to break up space

Pergolas, arbors, and trellises can work well to divide outdoor space into a wonderland, or transition from one place to another. Gazebos are rooms in their own right and create the perfect space to arrange outdoor seating.

Just add water

A swimming pool, koi pond, or hot tub is ideal, but a fountain can also bring the tranquility of water into the outdoor space of a new home.

Choose the right furnishings

Outdoor furniture should be durable and comfortable, able to withstand the weather, yet cozy enough to invite people outside. Now that outdoor décor is becoming more prevalent, you can even find tables and floor lamps that can brave the outdoors.

Don’t forget the shade

Even the most devoted sun worshipper needs to cool down at times, and an outdoor living space will benefit from the comfort of shade. Plant strategically, and use umbrellas, awnings, and other shade-providing structures to bring relief from the heat and the sun’s damaging rays.

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