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Inner Space Cavern: Natural Georgetown, TX, History & Beauty

Inner Space Cavern
Inner Space Cavern Inner Space Cavern

In Georgetown, TX, just off Interstate 35, sits a natural wonder that was hidden for tens of thousands of years. We are speaking, of course, of Inner Space Cavern, one of the best-preserved caves in Texas. Whether you are just a tourist, or are ready to put down roots and find a home builder, Georgetown visits would be incomplete without a tour of this limestone cavern.

The area around Georgetown, TX, is a place of great natural beauty, and part of the famed Texas Hill Country. Having such an interesting place to visit, one of the few places where the remains of prehistoric animals have been discovered, is really just a nice surprise. In fact, the people who discovered it were very surprised, indeed! They were not explorers, but a Texas Highway Drilling team who, in the spring of 1963, drilled through forty feet of limestone and broke into what we now call Inner Space Cavern. Imagine the thrill experienced by the highway department employee who then became the first human to enter Inner Space.

Even if you are not visiting Georgetown, TX, consider making the twenty-four mile drive to Inner Space if you are staying in Austin. It is worth your while to visit this living cave, with its amazing displays of stalactites, helectites, soda straws, cave drapery, and more. A trip in a unique cable car system takes you down to the cave, and a paved walkway allows you to walk through rooms full of awe-inspiring rock formations. A comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit, even during hot Georgetown, TX, summers, Inner Space is a great place to learn about science, and the history of the Earth.

Remember, when you visit Georgetown, TX, be sure to take a side trip to visit the natural wonders offered by Inner Space Cavern. When you are ready to put down roots in Georgetown, contact Clark Wilson Builders. With over 35 years of experience in the area, Clark Wilson is committed to building quality homes for satisfied customers. Visit the website to learn more, or join the online community on FacebookTwitterYouTube or Pinterest.