How to go green with your Austin home

Reducing your carbon footprint makes a huge difference, and most of us have become conscious of the amount of garbage we generate, recycling whatever we can and minimizing our water usage. This is a wonderful first step toward a cleaner future, but homeowners in Austin who really want to do their part to lessen climate change are taking a next, much bigger step that not only benefits the world but has a positive impact on their bank accounts: They are going green with renewable energy.

Environmentally friendly houses

Many homeowners in Austin and around the country are transitioning to renewable energy by installing residential solar panels, wind turbines or even both for optimal impact. These options have become reliable, clean and affordable ways to help the environment and save energy, plus they have money-saving advantages that make them worth the investment.

Solar energy savings

While a full kitchen remodel sounds fabulous, putting solar panels on your roof is about as exciting as insulating your attic. Like that new insulation, though, solar panels are an investment that keeps on giving.

  • The price for residential solar panels has been steadily declining, and they are now cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Why heat the house with oil when sunlight is free and abundant here in Austin?
  • Financing for residential solar panels is easy to find, with many leasing and loan options available. Tax credits are available to offset the costs.
  • Average monthly savings are between $100 and $200 for a purchased solar panel and between $10 and $40 a month for leased solar panels, according to
  • Installing solar panels is easier than you think. You’ll still be connected to the grid, you will just have smaller bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Residential wind turbines

Wind energy is a great option for utilizing natural resources to power your home, cutting energy bills and the size of your carbon footprint. Like solar panels, a wind turbine is a great investment that has several benefits.

  • Small wind turbines are electric generators that utilize wind for the production of clean, emissions-free, renewable electricity.
  • Prices of wind turbines vary depending on size. The cost of a turbine to power an entire home averages around $30,000, while smaller ones to supplement your power supply start at around $4,000. There are tax credits and leasing programs similar to those available for solar power to make this investment a better bargain.
  • If the wind is not blowing, homeowners connected to the grid will notice a difference in their energy supply. The grid supplies energy during these times.

Make your Austin home go green by creating your own electricity from renewable sources such as the sun and the wind, saving money and the planet in the process. To learn more about homes in Austin, contact Clark Wilson Builder today.

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