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How to Find a Home Builder to Suit Your Taste

If you are planning to build a home, you must find a home builder who is a good fit for you. The right builder is just as important as any other aspect of the building process, from floor plan to location. In fact, some would argue that finding a builder who is reputable, competent, and a good fit with your personality is the most crucial aspect of building a home.

  • Do your research. Look online to find a list of builders. Then, determine which builders are active, working on projects that interest you, and building homes in your price range.
  • Investigate. Once you have compiled a list of possibilities, dig a little bit deeper. Visit homes built by the builders on your list, and talk to the homeowners, if possible. Online reviews of your candidates can give you a feel for the quality of their work, and each company’s Better Business Bureau ratings can inform you on their reputations. Find out if people are satisfied with the homes they have built, or if the properties are prone to issues. Write everything down, to remember the details.
  • Look for quality. Educate yourself on what gives a house value. Learn about what makes for good workmanship, and ask a builder to show you some unfinished homes. The quality of the work is important, so examine the cabinetry, trim work, carpeting, and paint.
  • Interview builders. As your list continues to narrow, make appointments to speak with the builders you are considering. Have a list of questions prepared, and pay attention to how well your personalities mesh. You need a builder who is reliable, and you need to be able to communicate and effectively work with him. Here are a few questions to start your list:
    • How long have you been in business? Choose a builder who has worked in the area for at least three years. You want someone who is experienced, and knows what he is doing.
    • Can you provide references? This is a vital point, as the person building your home needs to have a good reputation.
    • May I visit a home in progress? Visiting a job site can show you the way in which the builder works. Look for a site that is clean and well organized, with everything running smoothly.

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