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How to create Halloween porch perfection

Your front porch is a blank slate when it comes to decor, and fall is a great time to let your style shine through. Some folks like to go all-out with Halloween decorations, and others like to keep it simple. Whatever you prefer, these Halloween porch ideas will really make your home stand out!

Creepy drapes

Adding tattered, billowing drapes will transform your front porch into a spooky entryway, and this is one of the easiest projects to do yourself. Cut some 8-foot strips of white cheesecloth—or soak the cloth in a bucket of tea overnight for an aged look—and staple the fabric to thin strips of wood. Tack the wood strips to your porch overhang, and use scissors to create random holes in the cheesecloth, or tear the cloth by hand to create runs. The effect is a ghostly curtain that rolls with every breeze.

Autumn wreaths

Hanging an autumn wreath on your door not only works for Halloween, but for the entire fall season. Craft your own using dried grapevines, corn husks, faux leaves and autumnal flower arrangements, or pick up a store-bought wreath and customize it for the season. The possibilities are endless!

Pumpkin arrangements

This might not exactly be news, but pumpkins give your front porch an instant Halloween vibe. A trip to any local farmers market this time of year will give you plenty of options, including oversized pumpkins, smaller decorative gourds and often-overlooked white pumpkins. Use different kinds to create an arrangement that suits the space, or have fun and carve a spooky jack-o’-lantern or two.

Faux broken glass

Nothing says “haunted house” like jagged, broken windows. Of course, you don’t want to actually break your windows, which is why a few sheets of frosted contact paper will come in handy. Stick the paper to your window glass—don’t worry, it’s easy to remove later—and use scissors or a craft knife to cut it into the irregular pattern of broken glass.

Ladder decorations

Do you have an old wooden step-ladder lying around? Antique ladders are great for arranging Halloween porch decorations near your front door. Pick out pumpkins and gourds in different shapes and sizes, and place them on each step to create an eye-catching design. Other things that might look great on your ladder include decorative signs, old lanterns, black cat silhouettes, potted plants and candles.

Seasonal plants

From Mexican sage and boxwood to ornamental cabbage and kale, many plants are right at home in the slightly cooler conditions of autumn, and they’ll also lend a classy fall atmosphere to your front porch. Additionally, chrysanthemums—known less formally as mums—are perfect fall flowers available in practically every imaginable color. Double down on the fall look by ditching traditional flower pots and using a carved-out pumpkin filled with potting soil as an autumn planter.

With fall in full swing and Halloween right around the corner, now is the time to transform your front porch for the season. These Halloween porch ideas will truly create a classic, homey autumn atmosphere!

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