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Home Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining a home can prove costly, and it pays to learn some DIY maintenance tips. With a little bit of effort, you can learn to care for your property and save yourself costly repairs. Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas to keep things working well in your home.

  1. Check your gaskets. Make sure your oven and refrigerator are sealed properly to avoid wasting energy. In addition, clean your refrigerator coils once or twice a year in order to maintain performance. Caring for your appliances can keep them running as designed for years.
  2. Care for your filters. Replace your air conditioner filter every two to four weeks if it is disposable, or clean a reusable filter with a vacuum hose. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on furnace filters; most suggest replacing them quarterly.
  3. Tend to your dryer. Clothes dryers can cause household fires, if not properly maintained. Vacuum the dryer’s exhaust duct at least once a year, and replace a plastic duct with metal.
  4. Replace batteries yearly. Both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors need working batteries in order to function properly.
  5. Inspect caulking. Window and door caulking and weather stripping must be in good condition, in order to prevent energy loss, and should be inspected yearly.
  6. Test your garage door opener monthly. The garage door opener should reverse when it hits an obstruction or the sensor beam is interrupted.
  7. Clean around the air conditioner. Leaves and debris must be cleaned from around the central air conditioner’s condenser seasonally.
  8. Clean your gutters. Because water trapped in gutters can cause major damage to the roof and walls, it is important to keep them free from debris. Use a long spray wand to make this chore easier.
  9. Patch cracks before they cause problems. Cracks in your foundation or the mortar in brick walls can easily be repaired with a caulk gun, before they cause major damage.
  10. Test plumbing shut off valves. Everyone in your home should know how to turn off the main water supply valve. In an emergency, turning off the valve can prevent costly damage.

Of course, one of the most important home maintenance tips is to know when to call an expert. However, if your home is well constructed, timely maintenance can keep small issues from turning into problems that require professional attention. Clark Wilson Homes has been building quality homes since 1986, with forward-thinking design at competitive prices. Visit them on Facebook or Twitter to learn more home maintenance tips and more.

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