Holiday decorating ideas to showcase your Christmas tree

Christmas trees are often the focal point of holiday décor. Most people simply position their tree in a corner of their living room, but the years of this traditional placement are now behind us. Today, you can use these innovative holiday decorating tips and ideas to find the perfect place to showcase a tree in your home.

Give guests a merry greeting

If your foyer opens to a large living space, give your friends and family a festive welcome by placing your Christmas tree in an area visible from the doorway. Position the tree at a distance that doesn’t crowd the entrance, yet offers visitors a clear view. Be sure to test whether the tree is centered correctly, and that it is placed at a comfortable distance, by viewing it from the doorway.

Christmas tree decorating tips:

  • Keep your tree elegant by limiting the color palette to two or three colors, such as blue, white and silver or gold, white and red.
  • Trim the branches of natural trees to make them more uniform.
  • Attach a welcoming holiday greeting placard to the tree.

Create a hallway display

The terminal point of a wide hallway offers a natural place of focus. A tree showcased here can be seen from multiple rooms in the house. However, this location will only work if the tree does not occupy too much of the hallway’s width.

Christmas tree decorating tips:

  • Use ornaments that incorporate elements from your interior design.
  • Be generous with using tree lights in dim hallways.
  • Consider using directional lighting to draw more attention to the tree.

Bring Christmas to the kitchen

Displaying your tree in the kitchen works best if your home has an open floor plan. Find an uncluttered area where the tree will grab attention without interfering with your daily activities. Take down nearby art that could be distracting, make sure that the area has ample lighting and, most importantly, avoid fires by placing the tree away from all heat sources.

Christmas tree decorating tips:

  • Choose ornaments in colors that match your kitchen décor.
  • Gingerbread and candy ornaments naturally compliment the room.
  • Use garlands made from food items such as cranberries.

Provide natural light for natural beauty

Light shining down from a skylight will bring out the natural beauty of your tree. If you don’t have a skylight, hang a light at a safe distance above the tree for a similar effect.

Christmas tree decorating tips:

  • Use light-catching decorations, such as crystal or metallic ornaments.
  • Use artificial powdered snow around the base or a sparkling tree skirt to provide an extra shimmer.
  • Accentuate the area furthest from the light source by adding gifts or a train set to the tree’s base. This will bring focus away from the light source, making it seem all the more natural.

Turn the backyard into a winter wonderland

Take advantage of your outdoor living area by decorating the backyard and displaying your tree on the deck or patio. This option works especially well if your home has a lot of windows or glass doors facing the backyard so that the tree is visible from indoors. For the best effect, use big and bold decorations.

Christmas tree decorating tips:

  • Be sure to use weatherproof ornaments.
  • Lights, cables and cords need to be certified for outdoor use.
  • Get an uprooted tree instead of one that has been cut down. This will allow you to plant your tree in the backyard after the holidays and relive the memories for years to come.

When it comes to showcasing a Christmas tree, there are more options than simply placing the tree in the corner. Whether you’re a new homeowner searching for the perfect room or a settled homeowner looking to try something new this year, each house offers unique options. Regardless of where you decide to position your Christmas tree, if it brings joy and happiness to your home, it’s in the right place. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Clark Wilson Builder!

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