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Fast Builds vs Slow Builds

The other day while at the grocery store I was listening to a couple of guys discuss a home that was being built in their neighborhood. One was telling the other how fast the home was progressing and how that must mean that the house was being built shabbily. The listener was shaking his head acknowledging the observation and I decided to write this blog to dispel that story.

In my career I have been involved with thousands of homes being constructed and can tell you that generally speaking the faster a home goes together the better the quality is. It seems counter intuitive but it is true.

The length of time it takes to build depends a lot on how well organized the builder is. If the job is scheduled properly there is very little time wasted waiting on each subcontractor to show up on the jobsite and perform respective tasks. If the job is well managed each trade is completely finished with their work and all of the parts needed were on the jobsite in the correct quantity and quality. If the job is ready for each trade as they arrive then the job goes smooth and the quality is much better.

On the other hand, a job that drags on is three steps forward and two steps back as the process gets bogged down with tear outs and redos. There are false starts for the sub contractors and failed inspections along the way. I have found using the same subs for many years has paid off in many ways.

By working with trusted team members who can get the job done well and giving them the tools they need to finish in a timeline manner, a home builder can complete a high-quality home build in less time than you would think.

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