Expect these energy-efficient home features for your Hutto home

Saving energy means saving money every month, but it also means much more. By incorporating energy-efficient home features, we release less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change.

In addition, an energy-efficient home is more comfortable, healthier, and easier to heat and cool. You can expect to find all these cutting-edge energy-efficient home features in your new Hutto home:

  • Efficient heating and cooling: The 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) HVAC system in your home is 40% more efficient than the systems in many of the resale homes on the market.
  • Climate control: With a Wi-Fi-enabled digital programmable thermostat, you have complete control to customize the climate in your house. To maximize energy efficiency, you can use your programmable thermostat to pre-set a heating and cooling schedule that uses your HVAC system only when you need it.
  • Advanced insulation: We use blown cellulose insulation in the attic and walls, which is far superior to the more common fiberglass batt insulation. Blown cellulose insulation fills every crevice, creating a better seal to keep conditioned air inside.
  • High-end windows: Your home includes heat-repelling vinyl Low-E double-pane windows with glass that essentially acts like a pair of sunglasses for your house, blocking heat gain from the sun. Moreover, we use vinyl frames rather than metal, which improve efficiency by slowing the transfer of heat and cold into your home.
  • Durable doors: Our doors are made from fiberglass, which is quieter and more energy-efficient than wood. Wood doors can develop fissures over time, and have tiny cracks that allow heat to infiltrate the home.
  • Clean appliances: The clean-burning natural gas appliances in your new home (including a Bryant natural gas 80% efficiency heater) are much more energy-efficient than their electric equivalents. This not only saves you money, but allows hot water to replenish more quickly for added convenience.
  • Attic efficiency: A radiant barrier reflects heat at the roof level, which keeps the attic much cooler during the day and reduces heat buildup. That means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard in the evenings.
  • Return air vents: We’ve built return air vents in all the bedrooms and living spaces so your HVAC system runs quieter and provides comfort throughout your home without using more energy.
  • A tight seal: The edges of each window and door in your home are carefully sealed with Polycell Sealant to keep conditioned air inside and prevent you from losing efficiency to drafts. We’ve also taken great care to completely seal the duct work associated with your HVAC system, so you won’t ever have to waste conditioned air.
  • Insulated garage doors: We didn’t forget about the garage! Insulated steel-panel garage doors not only reduce noise pollution, but also help keep your garage from becoming hotter and transferring that heat into your home.


Around every corner, you’ll find energy-efficient home features that help the environment, make your home more comfortable and save you money. Contact us today to learn more about new homes with these features in Hutto, Texas.

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