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Decorating a Christmas tree to match your home’s style

It’s that time of year again—time to dust off the Christmas lights, pull the ornaments out of storage and set up the tree. If you’re eager to try something different this season, consider decorating a Christmas tree in a way that shows off your unique style and personality. Whether your home has a rustic country look or a sleek, modern design, there’s a Christmas tree to match.


Some things never go out of style, and if you want your Christmas tree to resemble the ones you enjoyed growing up, the classic look is the way to go. Decorate your tree using white or multi-colored lights, plus ornaments in the traditional colors of red, green, silver and gold. Candy canes are another great touch, along with a star on top. Include any ornaments that have been in your family for a long time to add some nostalgia.


A contemporary style can take many forms, and if the decor of your home is equally sleek, your modern tree will blend in beautifully. The key to a contemporary style lies in clean lines, open spaces and a restricted palette. Choose Christmas ornaments in only a few closely-coordinated shapes, sizes, and colors. Shades of light blue and white work great for a contemporary look. It’s also possible to get an artificial Christmas tree in a color other than classic green—white trees, in particular, provide an enticing blank canvas.


If your style is simple and un-fussy, decorating a Christmas tree in a minimalist way will show your holiday spirit while highlighting your no-frills design sense. There are a few actions you can take to accomplish this. Choose a miniature tree and decorate it with small ornaments in a few simple colors, or decorate a regular-sized tree using no ornaments at all—just a string of lights in a single color that matches your decor.


rustic Christmas tree design draws its inspiration from the world outside. Fortunately, in the wide-open spaces of the Hill Country, there’s a lot to be inspired by. Use decorations in a natural color scheme—lots of earth tones and weathered hues—and add a string of simple white or gold lights to make the tree glow. Look for tree ornaments made from natural materials like pine cones, straw, burlap, and raffia. You can even make your own ornaments, which is a fun holiday project that the whole family can enjoy.

Tree decorating tips

Whatever your style may be, these simple tips will help you design your tree in a way that compliments the room and glows with Christmas spirit:

  • Choose the room. The room in which you choose to set up your tree is just as important as the decorations you select. Use a tree to liven up the living room, add cheer to the kitchen or welcome guests in your entryway. You don’t have to choose just one location, either!
  • Look at your surroundings. Use tree decorations that reflect the colors of your walls, furniture, and decor for a cohesive design.
  • Trim the branches. This creates a spacious look and gives you more room for decorations.
  • Use a live tree. A live tree is a great addition to a rustic design scheme in particular—plus, you get the option to plant your tree outside and enjoy it for years!

When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, your options are virtually endless. There’s unlimited potential to create a tree that matches the style of your home and the personality of its occupants. Have fun designing your tree this holiday season, and Merry Christmas from your friends at Clark Wilson Builders!

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