7 tricks to keep your new home cool without facing a Texas-sized bill

Summer is in full swing here in Central Texas, and you know the drill—it’s going to get hot. We have a few ideas for how you can beat the heat without spending all your hard-earned money on energy bills. Here’s how to stay cool on the cheap in your Hutto, Texas, home.

  1. Give your AC a checkup. Having your air conditioner or central HVAC system cleaned and serviced by a professional at least once a year is essential to its health and efficiency. Spring is the best time to do this (before the cooling season gets in full swing), but it’s never too late.
  2. Use fans. Fans may seem old-fashioned, but they are still one of the most effective ways to keep cool—especially ceiling fans, which help circulate air throughout a room. Running a ceiling fan can allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher without feeling the difference.
  3. Adjust your thermostat. Speaking of thermostats, they’re your most powerful tool to save on your summer energy bill. Use your programmable thermostat to set a schedule that keeps your house coolest during the hours you’re home and wastes less energy when you’re at work or asleep.
  4. Change your AC filter. A dirty filter puts a real strain on your air conditioner, forcing it to work extra hard and eat up power. Make your AC more efficient and extend its lifespan by changing the filter routinely, especially in the summer when you use it the most. In the average home, filters should be changed every 60 to 90 days.
  5. Let in fresh air at night. Opening a window to let in a cooling breeze can be extremely effective if you time it right. Keep your windows shut during the heat of the day to let your air conditioner do its job more efficiently, then open them up at night. In the morning, shut them again to seal in the cool air from the night before.
  6. Keep an eye on cooking. Your stovetop—especially your oven—introduces a lot of heat into your house, so think twice about cooking and baking on a hot day. Why not prepare more meals outside, instead? After all, summer is prime time for outdoor grilling and picnicking.
  7. Have it made in the shade. You know how good it feels to sit under a shady tree on a sunny day? Well, apply that principle to your house. Windows tend to create a greenhouse effect, especially if you have big glass doors or south-facing windows, which means you can block a lot of the sun’s energy by drawing the blinds and shutting the shades. This really does a lot to ease the burden on your air conditioning!

Start testing out these ideas to keep your Hutto, Texas, home nice and cool this summer! For more home maintenance tips, explore the energy-efficient features you can find in a Hutto, Texas, home.

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