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6 up-and-coming home décor trends for a beautiful house in 2016

The modern home is always changing, always evolving. While some things never seem to go out of style, 2016 is seeing a change in the colors, textures and shapes that make a house a home.

The time between spring cleaning and summer vacation is a perfect opportunity to tackle your home decor and DIY projects, with a keen eye toward what’s happening in the world of home decor in 2016. Here are some of the year’s most exciting up-and-coming home design trends:

1. Colored stainless steel

Stainless steel appliances are nothing new, but classic polished stainless steel seems to be on the way out. One of the biggest trends this year is colored stainless steel, which is quickly replacing the shiny, silver metal that was so popular just a few years ago. Stainless steel with a black or bronze finish is taking kitchens by storm, creating a whole new modern look with just a hint of color.

2. Statement bathroom mirrors

Statement mirrors are named as such for a pretty simple reason: They make a statement. The bathroom is one of the most difficult parts of the home to enliven, and opting for a more stylish mirror is an easy and effective way to improve the space. Eliminate the standard-issue rectangular medicine-cabinet mirror and embrace something more unique. The shape, size and design options for this single item are nearly limitless, so you can really find something that suits your home’s personality.

3. Rough textures

Aged finishes add texture to any space, along with an instant sense of history in your home. Tiles and wallpapers with a rough finish are huge this year, including surfaces that mimic worn wood, painted bricks and aged metal. Rough textures pair well with antique (or faux-antique) furniture, but it’s best to use this particular design trick sparingly, or your home might start to look like the inside of an old factory. Avoid too much of a good thing!

4. Traditional dining rooms

Sit-down family meals are making a big comeback, and frankly, it’s about time. With the desire to entertain guests and enjoy meals together as a family comes the need for a room to do it in. Enter the formal dining room. Rather than transforming this once-neglected space into a media room or home office, bring back the dining room table and chairs. Have a seat, eat together, laugh together and relax.

5. Mismatched cabinets

Matched colors have their place, but you can really liven up your kitchen by playing around with cabinet colors, styles and finishes. Combining two different cabinet styles into your kitchen is big in 2016. Consider a white finish or light bare wood tone for upper cabinets, paired with a darker tone for lower cabinets.

6. No-tech living rooms

Technology has a way of dominating a room, and you’ll be amazed how fresh, open and inviting your living room looks when you eliminate all the gadgets. To create a room that’s perfect for chatting with friends, enjoying family time or simply kicking back with a good book, banish the TV, computer and similar devices to other parts of the house. If you’re not ready to totally unplug your living room, consider cabinets and other storage options that keep all digital distractions out of sight when they’re not in use.

Right now is the perfect time to introduce some of 2016’s biggest home decor trends into your living space. Many of this year’s DIY trends are simple and adaptable, making them easy to incorporate into your unique style.

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