6 best moving tips for a sane summer transition

Moving can be a stressful undertaking in the best of circumstances, but summer brings an extra set of challenges. With hot weather and more people moving than at any other time of year, summer movers need any advantage they can get to make sure their relocation goes off without a hitch. Check out some of the best moving tips to keep you sane during your summer move.

  1. Decide if you need help

Deciding if you need assistance with your move depends on everything from your budget and how far you’re moving to the size of your family and how much stuff you own. But getting some help will make moving in summer much easier, whether it’s from a professional moving company or that cousin of yours who happens to own a big truck.

  1. Plan in advance

Summer is the busiest time of year for moving companies, mainly because families prefer to move between school years. That means if you decide to work with a professional moving company, you should make contact well in advance. Booking movers six weeks in advance is good, and two months is even better.

  1. Choose the least busy days

Even in a season that’s pretty busy overall, some days are better than others. Memorial Day and the last week of July are often the most hectic times of the year for movers, so do yourself a favor and avoid them. In general, the least busy times to move in summer are weekdays in the middle of the month.

  1. Have a yard sale

Summer isn’t just moving season, it’s also yard sale season. If you have a lot of stuff you don’t want to take with you to your new home, this is a perfect opportunity to hold the yard sale of the century! If you don’t want it, sell it. If it doesn’t sell, donate it. The lighter your load, the easier your move will be.

  1. Beat the heat

Because you’re planning your move well in advance, there’s no real way to plan for the weather. Ultimately, you might end up moving on a 90-degree day, and there’s not much you can do about it except deal with it as it comes. Be sure to stay hydrated and provide cold drinks to anyone who might be helping you move. Pay extra attention to ensuring your kids and pets get plenty of water, as they may be more susceptible to the heat. If you start to feel the heat catching up with you, take a break and cool off, and encourage others to do the same.

  1. Pack smart

When you’re packing, keep in mind that certain items can be damaged by heat and should never be packed in the back of a sweltering moving truck. These include CDs, DVDs, your precious collection of vinyl records, soaps and candles.

Moving can be stressful, but if you take advantage of some of the best moving tips out there, you should have a more enjoyable experience. If you’re just starting the home buying process, contact Clark Wilson Builder today. Our team is committed to helping you find a dream house you can call home.

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